Best 200+ Friendship Status in English. Latest and Touching quotes

Looking for the best Friendship Status to secretly let your message known to the person. You have landed on the best page that lets you find the best Friendship Status, you can relax, we got you covered. Friendship is defined as a bond of affection between two people. People are referred to as best friends if the friendship is really strong. this relationship is characterized by positive interpersonal qualities such as kindness, generosity, loyalty, and honesty.

Friendship Status

Every relation in the world, and when I say I mean it. Every relationship in this world starts from friendship. I won’t start with the lover because that is the most common thing, but think about a baby, a baby forms a friendship in his head, gains trust, and then starts playing with you. If we subtract friendship from any relationship, all we get is the person, nothing else. 

Friendship Status In English Friendship Status In English Friendship Status In English
  • We smoked everyone on the way.
  • We work, we don’t fight. We come, they wanna hide.
  • I got my best friend when I needed it the most.
  • Wherever you go, you know you’re not alone
  • I’ll be there to save the day.
  • You got me, like the moon got the sky.We falling apart, but still, we hold together.
  • Let’s show them we are better.
  • If we go down, we go down together.
  • I want something just like this.
  • We falling apart, but still, we hold together.

 Fake Friendship Status

This just might be the worst feeling in the world, you give someone all of you, your secrets, your time everything. And they turned out to be someone you never knew, hurts right? The worst part is you can get the person back, even your time back. But, you’ll never get those wishes back, wishes you wasted on the person

I know no one can understand how you feel, but maybe these Fake Friendship Status can  

Fake Friendship Status Fake Friendship Status Fake Friendship Status
  • You and your friends, you will on the surface.
  • You are so fake, you don’t mean a single thing you say
  • Playing these games for attention, pushing me away so I crave your affection.
  • We’ve crossed the end, still, we chase forever.
  • Why you gotta make everything a show
  • You are just like all the people that you hate.
  • If you got a problem say it to my face.
  • You say we’re but what do you mean.
  • Lately, I've been sick of living and nobody knows how I'm really feeling.
  • Real on the face, you're fake, that’s the case.

 Real friendship status 

One of the hardest things to possess in life is having an actual friend. A friend that is real, got your back and has earned your loyalty. But, it is not about just the friend, you should be equally loyal if you want to earn a Real and Loyal friendship. If you ever think that you haven’t landed any real friendship, maybe you weren’t loyal, a real friendship goes both ways.

What’s App statuses, having the theme Real Friendship Status

Real Friendship Status Real Friendship Status
  • We’re the real deal, stay away
  • Compromising got us nothing, we snatched our victory.
  • They keep talking, we keep winning. It's the same thing
  • Always gon' be some clothes that's fresher than the ones you rock, love your’s brother.
  • You only say it, we only mean it we don’t say it, That's how you know someone is real.
  • Snakes in the grass let a brother know that we arrived.
  • Who are your real friends? We all came from the bottom I'm always blamin' you, but what's sad, you not the problem.
  • Money ain't a thing, that ain't a thing for real, the only thing that is real is friends.
  • Family is not imposed, its what you chose, Friends!
  • One thing that I’m super proud of is my gang, and my family. All I have earned is friend

Love Friendship status

Arrgh, this must have caught your attention!!!! This is the most confusing situation in life, “What are we?”, “Who Am I to you?” We’ve all been there and we think that only we have been there, but trust me, bro, we all are the same when it comes to life. Crush, if I were to call it, is one of the best and most innocent feelings in the world.

Let’s get started with Love Friendship statues 

Love Friendship status Love Friendship status Love Friendship status

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Gang friendship status

We’ve all been into the school fights and when you were in middle school, you’ve always thought “I would be good if I were in a gang,” Well if your gang keeps you moving! forward towards your goals, They are the real deal!!

This  list will be give you Gang vibes

Love Friendship STatus Love Friendship Status Love Friendship Status
  • Flexing on these guys every bone and muscle
  • We are what we are, people hate, never mind!
  • It takes a real gang of brothers to grow, Glad I’ve got the best.
  • My boys are my voice.
  • Shout out to my brothers with an escape plan.
  • Pull up on your block, then break it down, we playing Tetris
  • There’s level to it, You and I know!
  • Most of y’all be faking. Us, we making.
  • Came from the gutter, we rocking, let them mutter.

Makeup friendship status 

Well, nobody is perfect, you make mistakes, they make mistakes. If a mistake is a mistake if isn’t apologized for. You can make mistakes and still feel that you were right, that’s ego, it won’t let you make up to that friend

Let’s help you make up with your friends

Makeup friendship status Makeup friendship status Makeup friendship status

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But you need to understand this, Friendship is not life. It’s a part of life. Life itself is so big and diverse that it can not be summed up in a sub-category of the same. If you happen to be a  deep thinker and looking for some life status in English, click on this link and enjoy some deep reading.